Time is TBD | Stonebridge Manor Subdivision

The Porch Crawl

Neighborhood Pub Crawl! Specific details will come at a later date.
The Porch Crawl

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Stonebridge Manor Subdivision, Saint Charles, MO

About the Event

Who doesn't love having a night out with friends, maybe indulging in a few glasses of wine, but don't enjoy big crowds at the bar, paying for overpriced cocktails, and someone always has to be the designated driver.  The solution?  A "pub" crawl between all of our neighborhood houses!  The benefits?  A wonderful adult night out where we can talk to each other without having to shout across a bar and nobody has to drive so we can all indulge in beverages!  Plus, it's way cheaper than a night out.  A neighborhood pub crawl is the perfect icebreaker to bond with your neighbors, especially if the drinks are flowing freely!

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